I live with a condition called trichotillomania. For anyone who does not know what that is, trichotillomania is a condition where the person feels compelled to pull their hair out and an impulse-control disorder; a pyschological mental health condition where the person is unable to stop themselves from carrying out a particular action. In my case, it is pulling my hair. I have lived with this since secondary school and every single day is a fight to try not to pull my hair.

There is a reason why I am creating this blog. This blog will document my every day struggles, thoughts with trich and what I experience every day. The ultimate aim with this blog, is to create more awareness of trichollomania and hopefully, for people to have a better understanding of what people with trich go through.

As for who I am, for now I will say I am young adult aged between 16-25 living in London in the United Kingdom.


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  1. I understand you so well.. I suffered from trich for over 18 years and went through years of being practically bald. (I also had phases of eyebrow pulling as well). Please remember that your identity is NOT reduced to your hair count! Who you are does not diminish nor does it pale against trich. ❤


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